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IMPI Testimonials

“The IMPI Challenge is good, clean fun. You never have to worry about your own safety. You do have to put in solid, hard work. It’s tough, but attainable. Running across the final obstacle, the Lily Pads, is always such a cool feeling. It’s an awesome moment. I’ll definitely be back next year.”


Chantel Nineaber (2015 IMPI)

Multiple Women's Elite Winner

“I ended the day with bruises, scratches and scrapes. I ended the day with a stiff leg and sore knees. I ended the day with sopping wet shoes and a brown cap, that used to be white. But I also ended the day with the knowledge that I had overcome the Impi and with memories that last far longer than any medal could. I got my Impi on! The greater the obstacle, the greater the glory in overcoming it. Bring on the next one!”


Jabu (2015 IMPI)

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“FITstrong, the gym that I own, and IMPI go hand in hand.  It’s the most balanced sport.  You need to be both mentally and physically strong.  It’s part of my life.  I love it.”


Trevor Lagerwey (2015 IMPI)

Impi Male Elite winner Ct#2 2015 / Visit FITStrong

“Be prepared, this is addictive!  Don’t think about the obstacles for too long, just do it, you can do 60% more than you think you can do!”


Anita O'Brien (2014 IMPI)

Impi Elite competitor

“The best thing about the IMPI Challenge is that I could do it with the love of my life.  The obstacles were tough but great fun.  I thought that my partner and I could make it through the IMPI Challenge together, we could do anything together.”


Bertus Nolte (2014 IMPI)

Impi Challenge participant

“IMPI Cape Town is definitely tougher, features more steep climbs as well as a real trail run route.  The obstacles are similar to IMPI Gauteng, but the terrain is much harder.  This is by far the best obstacle race course that I’ve done to date.  The IMPI Challenge is something different, but the biggest draw card is the atmosphere.”


Claude Eksteen (2014 IMPI)

IMPI Elite Male winner 2014

“The IMPI Challenge tests both your body and mind,” says Greyling.  “There is always something new that you will need to overcome, so there will never be a dull moment and you will never get bored.  I entered the IMPI Elite Gauteng#2 as the next event in Cape Town is only in October.  I cannot wait that long to partake again. My goal is always to win. At least that way I give myself the opportunity to win.  You don’t win by accident.  Running between the obstacles is definitely my strength as an IMPI Elite competitor.  The IMPI Challenge is a must do event.  I recommend it because it will take you out of your comfort zone.  It will challenge you, make you feel like an IMPI and put a smile on your muddy face”


Christiaan Greyling (2014 IMPI)

IMPI Elite Male winner 2014

“I love to test myself against professional athletes like Claude Eksteen, Iain Don-Wauchope and Stuart Marais, but most of all I enjoy pushing my body to its limits to see what its capable of! I am hoping that Pieter Du Plessis makes the obstacles harder this year to give us a chance against the professional runners.”


Eddie Lambert (2014 IMPI)

IMPI Elite Competitor

“IMPI means sweat, pain and fun. Sweat is your fat crying, pain makes you stronger and fun makes you live longer!”


Landie Greyling (2013 IMPI)

GP#2 winner 2013

The title of Elite Champion is solely mine for the year

Firstly I really enjoyed the IMPI, every aspect of it, from registration, to lining up, the presentation, the venue, the event, the after party, the video. It is a great experience to be a part of.

IMPI tested my wits, courage, my stamina and fitness. An all round test of your metal.

I had moments in the challenge where I thought I was stumped, particularly the swims and Bin Ladens revenge. And having the lead it was easy to panic at these points, but I didn’t. Being the hare was thrilling for me, I am normally part of the chasing pack.

I had to constantly up my pace to make sure I wasn’t taking it easy, the obstacles are so demanding you don’t have a chance to think about resting, or going any faster. When I ran through the purple fields I knew I had won, but I still kept telling myself “Don’t get too excited and lose it now”, this worked so well that by the time I crossed the line, I still hadn’t realised I was finish. I just grinned. It was overwhelming.

Winning the IMPI was a great achievement for me. It’s unique in South Africa, and so, the title of Elite Champion is solely mine for the year. That is something to be proud of. And I am very proud of it. I wanted to win, and I did, I expect an even better showing in 2012. But I also expect a much more hungry field.

I train like an IMPI elite all the time. Be ready to give it everything you’ve got, in any situation.”


Charl Souma (2011 IMPI)

2011 Impi Elite Winner

“Round two: same motto, same game plan. Only this time instead of just doubting my abilities I was also aware that the competition was stronger than I was, one competitor in particular. So I went into the race a little less nervous, still determined to try claim first prize, but this time knowing that that determination was probably not going to be enough.

The obstacles were MUCH worse than the previous year and I was struggling to run compliments of a surfing injury.

Suffering through the entire race at maximum pace, that wasn’t fast enough, with that “go until you throw” churning in my head was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Especially when you know you aren’t catching up.

At the second last obstacle I understood why this race is called the IMPI CHALLENGE. Getting up those ropes was challenging to say the least, but it was here that the tables turned and I was now almost in front. The last obstacle, the wall, was all I needed to complete ahead of the next competitor, who I was now right beside wondering what the best approach would be and then it would be a sprint to the finish. I knew the sprint would not turn out in my favour so I put whatever I had left into getting over that wall as fast as possible. I made it across the finish line first.

Sometimes it turns out that the results you get when you just keep going are much better than what you expected.”


Nadia Malan (2011 IMPI)

Ladies Elite winner 2010/2011

IMPI helped me realise what I truly want from my life. The IMPI Challenge obstacle course includes a 3 metre high diving board.

Perhaps not the most scary obstacle for some, but being afraid of heights, for me, this is always the most frightening barrier to overcome during the race.

I am terrified of leaping forward, letting go of all control and free-falling through the air into the dark water below. In 2010, after facing my fear on the diving board, I realised that I could use my strength in overcoming this race obstacle, to overcome real-world obstructions.

After undergoing surgery for lung and sinus issues and spending close to 5 years on chronic medication, I entered the 2010 IMPI as a challenge to myself to finally put my health issues behind me. Training towards this goal, and completing the race, not only gave me my health and fitness back, but also served as a powerful mental achievement that helped me realise what I truly want from my life.

I’ve since completed two Impi Challenges, quit my desk job in Shanghai and started my own fitness company.

Whenever I feel afraid or have a moment of doubt, I remember that feeling of leaping off the board into the great unknown – and everything being okay once I resurface.”


Claire Davidson (2011 IMPI)