Are you #ToughEnough?

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About IMPI Elite

ELITE IMPI is for athlete’s wanting to challenge their own level of all round fitness, endurance, strength and mental grit.

Competing in the Elite IMPI will give you a true sense of accomplishment and will test you on multiple levels and push your limits.

26-28 unique and original obstacles are designed over 20km of hills, mud, water, ropes, walls, and fire designed to push your boundaries. The Race Director loves surprises…

IMPI Elites compete for R30,000 in prize money at each event. Top 5 Elite Men and Top 5 Elite Women qualify. Equal effort = equal prize money. Plus a new prize category for the first Elite male and Elite female over 45 years old with the best times.

Race entry specifics

  • R550 per entry
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older
  • Entries are limited to 500 entries per event
  • IMPI Elite start at 07h30
  • Each finisher gets a medal, as well as the finishers photo
  • Elite Participants competing for prize money may not receive any help or outside support on route or on obstacles
  • Decisions made by the Race Director on race day are final and no discussion will be entered into

IMPI Elite Competitive Days

IMPI #1 – CAPE TOWN: Sunday 9 April 2017   07h30

IMPI #3 – GAUTENG: Saturday 7 October 2017   07h30

IMPI #4 – CAPE TOWN: Sunday 19 November 2017   07h30

Check out the Elite Winners and their finishing times

Are you #toughenough?


Elite Winners 2017

DateEventMale WinnerTimeFemale WinnerTime
April 2016Impi #1 CTThomas Van Tonder02:00:18Dominique D'Oliveira02:40:05

Elite Winners 2016

DateEventMale WinnerTimeFemale WinnerTime
April 2016Impi #1 CTClaude Eksteen01:40:00Hanneke Dannhauser02:14:21
May 2016Impi #2 GPClaude Eksteen01:43:17Carla Van Huyssteen02:03:01
June 2016Impi #3 KZNClaude Eksteen01:50:53Trish Bahlmann02:20:03

Elite Winners 2015

DateEventMale WinnerTimeFemale WinnerTime
March 2015Impi #1 GPClaude Eksteen01:42:05Trish Bahlmann02:07:24
April 2015Impi #2 CTClaude Eksteen01:37:12Trish Bahlmann02:05:01
Sept 2015Impi #3 GPClaude Eksteen01:46:42Nicolette Griffioen02:10:31
October 2015Impi #4 CTTrevor Lagerwey01:46:12Chantel Nienaber02:13:20

All resluts may be verified via the Impi results page: