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Challenge your friends,

Conquer your fears

Welcome to the home of the IMPI Challenge.

The IMPI Challenge is a muddy trail run for all athletic abilities to love!

Exhilarating obstacles, mud, music and an amazing festival area.

The entry categories cater for a variety of fitness levels: elite athletes, runners of all abilities, kids and families looking for a fun experience.


IMPI’s love the IMPI Challenge because they experience:

  1. A challenge and an amazing experience
  2. Incredible trail running and natural beauty
  3. Official IMPI printed photo’s at the finish for all participants FREE
  4. Massage post event FREE, courtesy of Deep Heat and ept Recovery
  5. IMPI Festival Area–music, cool vibe and great food
  6. Best Dressed Competition and other competitions and prizes
  7. Hot showers after cold mud
  8. Secure parking FREE
  9. Bag drop facilities FREE
  10. World-class medical team
  11. Safe and well-engineered obstacles
  12. FREE Spectator access and marked support route

IMPI Events fast facts

CategoryAverage DistanceNo. of ObstaclesAgeFee
IMPI Elite20km26-2818+R550
IMPI Corporate10km18-2016+R500
IMPI Challenge10km18-2016+R400
IMPI Dash5km7-910+R300
IMPI Mini+/- 1kmvaries6-10R100